We do Translation for cross-border filing and litigation. We translate patent applications between Chinese and English. Our patent agents review the translated work before sending out. Contact us.

Patent Application
Trademark Application
Standard Application Process, including handling of Power of Attorney and Claiming foreign priority: USD3,700
Standard Application Process, including handling of Power of Attorney and claiming foreign priority: USD631 per application per class
Hong Kong SAR
Request for record (Claiming China or UK priority): USD442
Request for registration: USD378
Standard Applicaiton Process, including claiming foreign priority: USD488 per applicaiton of first class

We provide different services to fit the clients need. That includs out right patent application and trademark registration. We also helps inventor to seek for investment and funding for initial investment on patent and subsequent licensing of patent right.

Local Patent and Trademark Application

We provide patentability advice and worldwide patent protection consultancy for our clients. With our inhouse patent consultant, patent attorney and attorney at law, we draft, draw, review and execute patent application on behalf of our client. The mission of China Intellectual Property (H.K.), Ltd. (CIP-HK) is to provide personal attention and professional services to protect your intellectual property rights in China.

CIP-HK is formed by a talented group of legal and technical professionals in 2002. The Firm maintains offices in Hong Kong and China to handle all issues related to patent application, trade mark registration, as well as trade secret and copyright protection in China and Hong Kong. The highly experienced staffs come from diverse professional backgrounds including mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science. We assist in handling legal proceeding in intellectual protection in Hong Kong. Besides intellectual property law, the attorneys at law of the Firm are familiar with the laws of commerce, labor & employment law and property of Hong Kong and China, enabling them to provide high quality professional service to protect your intellectual property rights in China. The patent group of CIP-HK handles patent applications in computer softwares, as well as mechanical, electronic and chemical inventions. In addition, the Firm represents clients in licensing, unfair competition and litigation.

The professional staffs at CIP-HK are fluent in English and well-versed in the latest technology. Combining with their expertise in the legal framework in China, the Firm is an indispensable liaison for companies in the North America and Europe to obtain intellectual property protection in China.

Worldwide Intellectual Property Protection

We have associated firms in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia to handle local filing of patent and trademark application. We are the single point of contact for our client to handle multiple countries applications.